Video Production During COVID-19

If you need video production during this difficult time, Sprinkle Lab is here to help you out. We’re able to provide several effective options for creating content while we shelter in place: 

First Responder Content

Let’s strap the PPE suit and profile your brand’s work during this crisis. We have already profiled Carbon Health providing no-cost Covid-19 testing.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Illustration and animation is produced remotely with ease and allows us to create any creative solution imaginable.

Stock Driven Video

We source premium stock content and combine it with text or voiceover to deliver a fresh content for your brand that breaks free of Covid-19 restrictions.

Repurpose Existing Footage

You may already have a stockpile of existing video assets that we can repurpose for updated brand messaging.

Webcam Videos

Using Zoom’s native screen recording feature, we capture your spoken brand message and animate kinetic text or illustrations around it.