Project Overview

The original Morris the Cat was discovered in 1968, and since then he has always been the world’s most finicky cat. He eats only 9Lives, and makes his preference clear with incredible snark.

9Lives cat food was introduced to the market in 1959 and continues it’s legacy with lines of wet and dry food in various flavors. The company also awesomely promotes adoption of cats from animal shelters.

Our Role

Production · Edit · Finish

Our team produced a series of 5 PSA-style spots with Morris expounding on how humans could live better if they would just live like cats.

We had a blast working with the legendary Morris ... actually there were 5 identical versions of Morris on our set, each with extensive training in their own unique cat-like skill. We had our expert eater, clever carouser, skilled sleeper, and the list goes on.

Using two RED Dragon cameras shooting at a high frame rate, we were able to adjust Morris’ motions to the voiceover in post. Additionally, we brought Morris’ heuristics to life with the use of some snazzy 2D animation.