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  • Mod Pizza

    February 3, 2022

    We partnered up with Seattle-based MOD Pizza and renowned Bay Area advertising agency, Mekanism, to create a fun, breezy 30-second commercial delivering MOD’s dedication to diversity and inclusion. 

    One of our favorite cinematographers Ethan Indorf joined the project to create an audio-visual spectacle with director Brandon Tauszik of Sprinkle Lab. It was shot on location at MOD’s flagship location in Seattle, incorporating a mix of MOD employees and actors.

    Check out the delicious video below:

  • Test Your Meta Gameshow

    July 3, 2021

    We had an amazing time as Meta joined forces with director Adrian Elliot of Sprinkle Lab to produce a captivating game show experience. 

    The production took place at a green screen soundstage studio in Los Angeles, which enabled us to infuse the magic of post-production VFX. We introduced contestant podiums, an iconic laugh track, and the dazzling, shimmering lights that define television game shows. 

    Check out a few clips and behind the scenes below!

  • Idhaz Music Video

    January 26, 2021

    Rising Bay Area artist IDHAZ teams up with director Brandon Tauszik of Sprinkle Lab for a surreal nighttime odyssey through a deserted San Francisco. Set against the tripped out sounds of ‘if i am afraid’, the opening track from the artist’s debut album, psychic behaviours, the video features original choreography from IDHAZ, who dons jester face paint alongside dancers Yaya and Justice.

    The video was reviewed by Nastia Voynovskaya on KQED as well as Henry Bruce-Jones on FACT Magazine. Check out a few behind the scenes images from our video production in SF and Oakland, California below. That bus is the real deal!

  • Boosted Rev Launch Commercial

    September 26, 2020

    We had an absolute blast working with Boosted Boards while creating their Boosted Rev Scooter Launch Commercial in Los Angeles. Last Mile Mobility refers to this last stretch of your journey, which can range from walking, bike-sharing, and electric scooters. This is precisely the problem Boosted is trying to solve with their new Rev e-scooter.

    Director Brandon Tauszik and producer Matty Lynn Barnes partnered with Boosted to visually showcase the way Boosted has transformed transportation. This granted us the opportunity to bring our video production over to the Silver Lake Hills and the iconic 1st Street Bridge overlooking the DTLA skyline.

    Check out the Behind The Scenes video below to get a dive into the shoot.


  • Raheem | End Police Terror

    July 23, 2020

    Sprinkle Lab recently teamed up with Brandon Anderson, the creator of Raheem, to produce videos highlighting this first independent online service for reporting police in the United States.

    Video screenshot of man, staring into the camera with a fist raised, as he stands in front of a line of police officers.

    Anderson, who’s fiancé was killed by police during a routine traffic stop, is working to improve the service. Currently users are able to report misconduct after the interaction with law enforcement, but the Raheem team is creating an app that will allow citizens to report in real time.

    Reheem provides users with a free lawyer, files an official report, and uses their stories to continue to lobby for change to the system that is long overdue. Donate to their GoFundMe here.

  • Mobile Covid- 19 Testing with Carbon Health

    June 25, 2020

    Image of three Carbon Health care professionals posing for the camera.

    We recently teamed up with Carbon Health to produce videos highlighting their efforts to provide free Covid- 19 to California residents through their mobile testing clinic.

    While practicing social distancing and utilizing PPE our team is creating video content through the pandemic, and over the past couple of months we’ve been profiling Carbon Health’s testing efforts throughout the state.

    If you are in need of testing in the SF Bay Area, you can find a list of testing resources (including Carbon Health) here: Bay Area Coronavirus Tests.

  • Sprinkle Lab’s Dome Zone to premiere @ 2020 SPLIFF Film Festival

    April 15, 2020

    We’re excited to announce that an episode of our original series with director Liam Kaczmar, Dome Zone, will be premiering as part of the 2020 SPLIFF Film Festival.

    SPLIFF's 2020 Film Festival Steaming Live April 17th - 20th.

    A film festival made by the stoned for the stoned, this now online event, promises to be a trippy way to pass the time during the coronavirus quarantine.

    Screen grab from Dome Zone showing moss being lit in a stylish bong.

    Starring MP Cunningham of Agua Donkeys (Quibi) the series follows two buddies on their repeating quests to get stoned in their coastal town that’s run out of the devil’s lettuce.

    Screen grab from Dome Zone showing supermarket check out girl looking annoyed as the main character purchases moss.

    Chalk it up on your social distance calendar and grab your sliding scale tickets here: SPLIFF 2020 Tickets.

  • CUT Festival

    May 10, 2017

    Director Brandon Tauszik was invited to show and discuss his work, Tapered Throne, at the CUT Festival. A 10 day festival bringing together international artists, East London barbers and activists to explore the history and social relevance of the barber shop.

    From the CUT Festival site:

    Originally from northern England, Brandon Tauszik is a documentary artist currently residing in Oakland, California.

    Tauszik’s photographic work explores various subjective elements of human spirituality and community. Tauszik’s most recent works have incorporated the largely unexplored medium of GIF, forming a delicate hybrid between the still image and film. His work has received reviews from Slate, Buzzfeed, Dazed & Confused, Medium and TIME. Tauszik hopes to continue pushing the possibilities of the medium through the new forms and innovative display experiences online and in-person.

    Tapered Throne

    Tapered Throne is his GIF-based portrait of Oakland’s black barbers and the lesser roles they assume. He was fascinated by the comfortable racial separation these spaces foster, creating environments that are exclusive yet intimate and warm and wanted to explore what makes these spaces thrive. The slow-looping, multi-hundred frame loops echo the deliberate pace of life in barbershops across Oakland.

  • 4 Pounds of Flowers

    May 2, 2017

    Director Rob Reichert has been having a successful run on his short film, 4 Pounds of Flowers, at Santa Barbara, Ashland, New Orleans, Arizona International, Portland, Phoenix, Sacramento and more festivals that we are not yet ready to announce.

    The film synopsis:

    For the last 5 years, Kayla and her boyfriend Trevor have scraped by working their small weed grow in the isolated forests of Northern California. On the eve of their last sale of the season, Kayla realizes she is pregnant which compels her to confront Trevor’s idealism and their way of life.

    We’re excited about how audiences are responding to this film. Reichert uses the best of the short film medium to invite his viewers into the rich and textured lives of his characters.

  • Slamdance!

    April 11, 2017

    Director M.P. Cunningham premiered his film, Ford Clitaurus, at the 2017 Slamdance Festival.

    We think Slamdance was the perfect place for MP to introduce the world to this film. Slamdance is held in Park City, Utah at the same time that Sundance Film Festival is programmed.

    Here’s a quick history of the festival as told by its founder, Dan Mirvish

    Ford Clitoris was filmed in Utah around Salt Lake City and features locals, mystics, songs, elders, and a Ford.