Project Overview

Floome is the Italian designed breathalyzer that works with your phone.

Plug it in, breathe, and in just a few seconds the police-grade sensor technology reveals your blood alcohol content and time until sober estimate. It can even call a taxi or speed dial a friend!

Our Role

Production · Edit · Finish

As Floome has their office based in Europe, our team at Sprinkle Lab worked with them remotely. We encouraged them to go zany and pretty soon we were standing on the elaborately dressed set of a boozy office party that goes from 'bad' to '1960s game show' in 90 seconds.

"Sprinkle Lab was brilliant to pair my comedic sensibilities with the folks at Floome for this spot. I was thrilled when the folks at Floome chose the wildest of the four script options. As those walls parted and the blinking sign dropped for the first time, everyone on set knew this was magic in the making." - Rob Richert, Director