Levi’s patented the world’s first blue jeans in 1873. Today, the iconic brand typifies American style and spirit.

For this project, the Levi’s Concept Design Team needed a film exploring the moods of their new line. We captured the essence and imagination of San Francisco while celebrating the emergent ‘beach-nik’ lifestyle. Revel in the freedom and expressionism of this unique and buoyant city.

Our Role

Production · Edit · Finish

Project Overview

Working with the boldest and brightest on Levi's Concept Design Team, we found a shared vision to seize in and around San Francisco. Captured over a few summer days, the shoot was an exhausting ton of fun; we got to do what tourists do! The Sausalito Tunnel, then to Ocean Beach, then down through the Mission District, then back to over to Lombard Street. It was a non-stop scenic cruise of America’s most beautiful city.

Before shooting commenced, we envisioned the multiframe madness which you see above in the finished piece. We wanted to capture the essence of the Concept Design Team’s varied mood board, but in real life. And much cooler.