Levi’s patented the world’s first blue jeans in 1873. Today, the iconic brand typifies American style and spirit.

For this project, the Levi’s Concept Design Team needed a film exploring the moods of their new line. Inspiration for them came from saturated colors like inky blue blacks and seeped indigos, contrasting against bleached out naturals. Visually, we found this contrast to exist comfortably between a balmy Lost Coast afternoon and a crisp San Francisco morning.

Our Role

Production · Edit · Finish

Project Overview

Way up north in California (just a couple hours from Oregon) exists the fabled Lost Coast, where the humans are small and the beauty is vast.

Our team hopped in an old station wagon loaded with three cameras and two models, then documented the ensuing five day journey north from San Francisco. We played at the feet of giant Sequoias, basked in warm sunsets, and shot everything we could see.

Thousands of miles and hundreds of coffees later, we returned to the studio to fuse our lovers’ journey into a dreamy sequence of yearning and escape. This could have been cut broadly into a 30 minute short film, but we’ll save that for a rainy day and disappear into 60 abstracted seconds for the meantime.