Project Overview

Levi’s patented the world’s first blue jeans in 1873. Today, the iconic brand typifies American style and spirit.

For this project, the San Francisco AKQA team along with their client at Levi’s needed a series of films exploring styling techniques related to various nights out.

Our Role

Production · Post · Finish

AKQA wanted a dynamic visual treatment to showcase the various ways to style Levi's, our director Brandon Tauszik wrote a vision to utilize a 360 degree approach. This allows the viewer to view the various looks come to life from all angles.

Finding the perfect location with 4 visually pleasing walls was a challenge and the saving grace came from a huge retrofitted barn in Petaluma. Our Key Grip designed a large, complex rig to hang from the ceiling rafters, allowing a clean floor with no dolly track. The rig had to be able to hold lighting fixtures, run cables, but still be able to spin freely in circles.

To transition between various scenes, a practical effect incorporating large sheets of glass were used as moody transition points. Captured over a few summer days on a rural farm, the shoot was an exhausting ton of fun!