Project Overview

Born into a bottled fruit juice empire, Eugenio López Alonso changed the meaning of the family business forever when, starting in the 1990s, his Jumex collection revitalized the contemporary art scene in Mexico City. Then in 2013, the opening of his David Chipperfield-designed Museo Jumex brought the city onto the global art circuit. At his house in Beverly Hills, López has built a refuge for himself and some of his most-loved pieces by contemporary masters including Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Brice Marden, John Chamberlain and Louise Bourgeois.

Our Role

NOWNESS and Jim Goldberg approached Sprinkle Lab to shape an edit on par with Eugenio's persona: layered, spiraling, and disordered. Sprinkle Lab creative Brandon Tauszik worked through the footage for weeks, working through the content and playing with new structures. Here we see Eugenio’s collection through the mind of Eugenio Lopez himself.