Photay is the solo musical endeavor of Evan Shornstein. His compositional sophistication is apparent, with tempos and moods spontaneously emerging and evolving organically. Mixed melodies with unusual textures, his music is vibrant and beautifully unexpected.

‘Monday is a song, or a coping mechanism, for mundane morning routines, just a few melodies to help you through the ups and downs of daybreak’ Photay explains.

With that pensive mindset, director Ivan Cash worked in collaboration with Brooklyn-based dancer Ashley Roby and Oakland-based dance crew TURFinc to break the Monday minutia with a free-formed public dance experience.

Our Role

Project Overview

Sprinkle Lab produced this run-and-gun dance adventure built around Ivan Cash’s reoccurring motif of disrupting culture with an infusion of the unexpected.

The two day shoot spanned between the dissonant streets of Oakland and SF. We stripped the crew down to a handful of pros in order to reduce our footprint in the public space. Dashing around with Leica Primes on an Arri Alexa; it’s run-and-gun while wearing a bespoke suit.