T-Mobile | MLB

Project Overview

T-Mobile USA’s innovative wireless products and services help empower people to connect to those who matter most. To honor the ties that bind us, T-Mobile is also an official sponsor of Major League Baseball.

With the 2015 World Series undecided, we wanted inspire and celebrate the passion of the fans; so we captured some pranks between a Kansas City Royals and New York Met’s fans friendly rivalry. It was a good ol’ fashion basebrawl rhubarb (that’s baseball lingo for prank).

Our Role

Production · Edit · Finish

We went for a double play and produced, shot, edited and delivered both of these spots in a 6 day window for the agency, MRY. It was a sprint, but well worth it — anything to celebrate the athletes who get to storm the field and the fans who get bragging rights until next year.

The productions were shared across social media at T-Mobile's Facebook and Instagram.