Nomiku makes the most compact and powerful Sous-vide immersion circulators in the world. With their next generation device, the Wi-fi Nomiku makes cooking amazing meals easier and as delicious as ever.

It’s more than a cooking device: it’s a movement of food hobbyists, lovers, nerds, and chefs. Their common thread is the belief that delicious food comes from cooking ingredients under vacuum in a temperature-controlled water bath; eliciting incredible flavor and nutrients for insanely good meals.

Our Role

Production · Post · Finish

Project Overview

We worked with the amazing team at Nomiku to create a quirky explanation video showcasing their new model of sous-vide device while explaining the sous-vide cooking process.

We built out an enormous circular set and dollied through various interiors, showing off the Nomiku features with visual delight. Then we culminated with a dance party with all the talent for shits and giggles.