October 8, 2013


Sprinkle Lab is looking to bring-on incredibly motivated, aggressive, well-spoken Business Development candidates. You do not need to know what BANT, ABC, DIPADA, AIDA, or DMAIC stand for – but you do need to give a damn, have taste, & work incredibly hard. An interest in film and advertising is encouraged – but more than anything, we’re looking for results and people who fit in with our company culture.

More about us:

1. Sprinkle Lab Consumed: Without our customers, we have nothing. We keep our customer at the center of everything we do.

2. Give a Damn: Take the ball and run with it. We make smart decisions, put the business first and always look for how we can take on MORE responsibility.

3. People Are Important: Reach out, make friends, build trust. Be bold.

4. No Assholes: Let the actors deal with the drama. We are thoughtful, kind, respectful, collaborative, curious and open-minded.

5. Learn More: If you don’t desire to learn you’re either a numskull or a “know-it-all.” And the world wants nothing to do with either type of individual.

6. Data-driven: The numbers matter, the system matters, the process is important. Without data, we know nothing. We care about the data.

7. Stay Weird. Have Fun: A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest (wo)men.

If you’re interested in learning more about the position, please reach out at: cameron@sprinklelab.flywheelsites.com