Welcome to Film Casualty

April 18, 2016

We are very excited to announce a new company that we’re launching: Film Casualty Insurance Agency

Over the past five years of running a production company, we’ve learned a great deal about the workings of our industry: from call sheets to crafty, film festivals and 4k. However, it turns out that some super boring stuff has allowed us to really keep our business alive and healthy. Administrative processes like accounting, legal representation and insurance policy management. When we started Sprinkle Lab, we had absolutely zero clue about these processes; and when researching for useful information, the entire back office of a production studio seemed obfuscated and a total pain in the ass.

So, why are we starting an insurance company?

The first reason is that we’ve needed to pay very special attention to our film insurance coverage at Sprinkle Lab. So, we’re solving our own problem. If you’re a filmmaker, we’ll bet you could use this type of service too. The second reason, is that we think insurance for the film industry can be done much, much, much better.

If you’re interested in learning more about Film Casualty or looking for some new insurance options, then visit filmcasualty.com. We’re excited to help you get to work.

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