Levi’s STS & Makers

October 10, 2013


Last Saturday, Levi’s public art project – the Station to Station Tour – came to a close with its final stop in none other than Oakland/SF.  Through a massive transformation, West Oakland’s abandoned 16th Street Station morphed into a meeting ground for creatives, art/music lovers, and all kinds of Bay Area residents interested in an amazing evening of artwork and good company.


Over 3,000 attendees gathered at the enormous train station to experience live musical performances, original art and sculptures, performance art pieces, and various sorts of cuisine and beverages.  The event might simply be described as a celebration of cultural innovation, creative passion, artistic expression, as well as the people who inhabit this world as ‘creators’ and the people who wish to appreciate said creations.


This year, the Station to Station Tour provided a platform for sharing and publicizing one of Levi’s newer initiatives – the Makers Project.  This venture takes the form of short videos each featuring an individual artisan who explains the history and process behind his or her craft.  One such artisan is named Alice Saunders and here at Sprinkle Lab, we had the pleasure of completing all post-production for a video presenting her story and her brand, Forestbound.  Check out the video below!

Amidst all the happenings at sTs, a cozy little yurt served as the headquarters for all things Makers.  In addition to the stories and quality products of the artisans, the Makers videos were on display as well on large monitors sitting flat on a table.  The Forestbound video played for all Station to Stationers to see!  Take a peek at some photos from the event below.

fbscreen merch