New Music Video!!

April 6, 2016

OMG you guys, guess what?? We produced a new music video and it’s super fun and a little strange and we’d like to share it with our mothers  and also with you because you’re a wiener. Or winner.


Photay (AKA Evan Shornstein) is a multi-instrumentalist producer mixing bright melodies with unusual textures. His music is vibrant and beautifully unexpected. For his new release Sadie, he wanted to release a music video for the album’s single Monday. In illustrating his motivations behind the song, Photay describes it as:

‘…a coping mechanism, for mundane morning routines, just a few melodies to help you through the ups and downs of daybreak.’

The video’s director Ivan Cash wrote a treatment including Brooklyn-based dancer Ashley Roby and Oakland-based dance crew TURFinc. Why not break the Monday minutia with a free-formed public dance experience? Ivan describes his motivations below:

‘I think reality is malleable; that’s the most powerful thing that we as humans can understand. The concept of this video was to take routine and disrupt it, both for our protagonist and for people she interacts with in the busy city.’

Our two day shoot spanned between the dissonant streets of Oakland and SF. We stripped the crew down to a handful of pros in order to reduce our footprint in the public space.

We’re happy to have the video up on NOWNESS and featured on The FADER. While you’re at it, peep our Behind The Scenes film below!