On Trend with Rue La La

January 16, 2014

Rue La La is an online shopping destination for those interested in an intimate retail experience. This may seem contradictory being that cyber-shopping is anything but personal, however, Rue La La operates according to a members-only system, meaning that only individuals who have registered on the site may access the exclusive sales and collections. The website offers an ever-changing selection of womenswear, menswear, and home decor by introducing brand new ‘boutique selections’ daily.

Rue La La wanted to create a few short ‘how-to’ videos to be used for their PR and marketing campaign leading up to Black Friday. After production wrapped on the east coast, the footage that was shot made its way across the country to the SF Bay Area – straight to Sprinkle Lab! From here, our post-production team took charge of editorial and got to work creating the videos.

The goal of these web shorts was to offer insider tricks and tips from the company’s fashion editors while also promoting the website and showing potential customers just how easy it is to bring the trends and styles discussed in the video right to their own personal wardrobe by shopping at Rue La La.

The videos are fun, flashy, girly, and playful. We wanted them to be both beautiful and informative, as well as attention-grabbing. Hopefully we succeeded! Check them out below.