Peaking lights: color grade

September 10, 2014

Sprinkle Lab collaborated with director Eugene Kotlyarenko and Peaking Lights to color grade the band’s new music video ‘Breakdown’, starring a gigantic iPhone.

Expanding on the themes of the song, the video tells the story of a lady who lives with a gigantic anthropomorphic smartphone that keeps wrecking her life.

The honorable Mr. Kotlyarenko made the trip from L.A. to The Bay to spend the weekend basking in the cold rays of a giant LCD monitor here in our studio. We added punch & saturation overall, while also tone balancing all the footage, which was shot on different cameras over multiple days.

We had a blast working on the project with the Supreme Leader, Bright Sun of Juche, Mr. Kotlyarenko. Check out the feature on Pitchfork and the before/after GIFs below!