Tapered Throne

April 1, 2016

Sprinkle Lab co-founder Brandon Tauszik spent 4 years capturing .GIF images to create a mesmerizing portrait of Oakland’s black barbers. The project is called Tapered Throne. It’s a stunning visual work and is introduced with a poignant essay by Quincy T. Mills, Ph.D Professor of Africana Studies, Vassar College:

Brandon Tauszik’s GIF images of black barbers in Oakland, California reveal the resolve of a group of ardent professionals. The project illuminates the position of barbers as conduits of black communities; of Oakland. Behind these portraits are the aspirations of men who are not just making a living, but who see the value of their labors in the development of black community life. Like the GIF images themselves, these men and their shops are not static. Even as they stand behind their barber’s chair with arms propped up clutching the clippers, they are constantly in motion and in tune with the comings and goings of the people in their city.

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