The Humans of Sprinkle Lab

January 18, 2014

Revel in the their beauty, the striking and alarming faces of Sprinkle Lab. After an amazing 2013 (we won an Emmy & did great work for brands like IBM, Microsoft, Levis & Subaru) we’re excited to be rowing into a fantastic 2014.

Oh! By the way, let us introduce you to the two newest Sprinkle Lab additions!

Matt hails from Modesto, CA. and more! He’s taught English in S. Korea, lived in Colorado and Minnesota (we’re not sure why) and he speaks German, fluently proficiently. He once even went sky diving barefoot, just because. Bumpo’s role is to blow our customers minds with exceptional service and explode their prefrontal cortex by showing off the media we’ve produced (he’s succeeding).

Bradley’s interests are martial arts, movies and madness. He’s the second most interesting man in the world; he’s backpacked across Europe, lived in Thailand at a kick-boxing camp, produced a feature-film in Argentina and also used to in be in a hardcore band (they played at the Gilman). This gentle-sir wears many hats, from herding kittens (production cast/crew) to providing exceptional service to our clients as the lead point-person for all-things-production. He is fantastic. Oh, he also attended the USC School of Cinematic Arts.