Web Video to Take over the World

September 20, 2013


The amount of time spent viewing online video in the US on pc/mac/laptops at home or at work has increased 45% since 2010. Viewers streamed 28% more and consequently increased the total number of videos streamed 31.5% – 14.5 billion streams.


162 million Americans watched online video, spending almost seven hours of the month viewing content. The total number of video steams has increased to 26 billion views. YouTube is obviously the top online video destination, harnessing more than three-quarters of total viewers steaming online video content.


The iGeneration (aka young people) are watching less traditional TV. The number of viewers using a mobile device for online video steaming is up 26%. Those who seem to have abandoned conventional TV watching are now termed ‘cord-cutters.’ The entertainment industry is adapting accordingly, prioritizing the availability and accessibility of mobile content.


It is estimated that 90% of all web traffic will be video and 40% of the online ad market will take the form of video content. Online video ad spending has increased from $1.97 billion to $5.71 billion in the last five years. The prediction: an additional 26% increase every year.

Nielsen is one of the leading global information and measurement companies, providing market research, insights, and data about what people watch and what people buy. All data and predictions courtesy of Nielsen.