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  • Nomiku blasts through kickstarter

    August 18, 2014

    We had the pleasure of working with the passionate team at Nomiku this spring for their web commercial. It was a ton of fun to produce, so when they came to us for their latest Kickstarter campaign, we said “hell yes!”.


    And what do you know? The campaign blasted through it’s lofty $200,000 goal in less than one day! It’s currently at double that and still going strong. We’re so proud of them.

    Our video was featured on various outlets during the initial blast, including Yahoo News and Slash Gear.

    We can’t wait to see how much backing it gets by the end of the campaign, support the development of Sous Vide here!


  • A glass donut

    August 1, 2014

    The Sprinkle Lab studio is tucked away in a quiet corner of Oakland, housed inside an old art deco warehouse that once contained a bustling steel mill.

    We have some incredibly talented artists for neighbors here, from painters to jewelry makers, even stained glass fabricators. This month we decided to take advantage of our proximity and hence commissioned the talented artisans at Nzilani Glass to craft and install a custom glass donut in our studio.

    Their process is meticulous and entirely handcrafted. Check out the GIFs below for an insight into their methods.








    July 29, 2014

    Earlier this year, Sprinkle Lab produced a music video for
    RL Grime‘s track “Heard Me”, the single off his “High Beams” EP.

    Director Brandon Tauszik wrote a treatment revolving around his real life father, who is a ventriloquist, magician, and juggler in Florida. The video reveals a mind battle taking place in a foreign land between ventriloquist & doll. Pandemonium ensues.

    The footage was captured in Sprinkle Lab’s Oakland studio at 480fps slow motion using two Sony FS700 cameras. A lot of bright lighting was required to expose for that fast of a shutter speed, which the Perez Bros aptly provided.


    After the edit was locked, the footage was sent to Sprinkle Lab’s animation partners The Great Nordic Sword Fights. They applied a thick layer of analog special sauce to the video, so we figured we’d dig into the process a little …

    SL: What work have you done in the past that falls along this vain?
    TGNSF: Our early days of video experimentation involved video manipulation and compositing, so from the start we have been finding ways to break down video into its basic form, pixels and keyframes, and rebuilding it in a very imperfect way.

    At what point did you come onto this project?
    In post production. After seeing puppets, we were in.

    What was your rough step-by-step, from import to export?
    Once we got the picture-locked edit from Brandon, we did some color-keying, then rebuilding the scenes with custom backgrounds. Then lighting, coloring, and probably a ton of photoshopping keyframes – literally detailing single frames to make sure it all looked interesting, even if you had to paused it for a second. Then came our main tools; a modular video synthesizer and VHS tape deck. You can get some really cool feedback imagery when running footage back into itself. The deterioration of the original is so exciting to watch.

    Did you create all the background assets?
    Yes, the background assets were a series of stills and video clips shot on a Leica at the Pasadena Huntington Library. The entire garden represents every terrain, from desert to tropical to your classic english rose gardens. However the succulents garden is other-worldly, really kooky and aggressive-looking plant life that seemed perfect for the vibe this video/song combination was going for – vaguely dark but still pleasing, like the ventriloquism doll Joey!

    Why do you enjoy analog process with video?
    It’s much more hands on. The computer is a great tool, but the experience is not very tactile. With analog, you are turning knobs, flipping switches, wiring this and that and getting messy. There is something really nice about knowing that your work can exist in a physical form, even if its just for a brief moment on a tape deck … until you shove it back through the computer and into the black hole of the internet.

  • Live Work Oakland

    July 24, 2014


    We’re incredibly honored to be featured on Live Work Oakland! Check out the article here to learn a bit about what we’re up to.

  • SFIFF!

    July 8, 2014

    It has been a busy year over here at Sprinkle Lab, and we wanted to take a moment to share one of our recent highlights outside of all the great client work and day to day shenanigans … the San Francisco International Film Festival! We set out to make the most of Sprinkle Lab’s first ‘fest’ experience, so we attended as many films and events as possible to take in all the glory. It’s a full time job to watch 2-4 movies per day, attend events at night, drink heavily … we were thrilled to jump in and fill our minds and hearts with the possibilities of the moving image!

    There were many standouts definitely worth watching. The beautifully shot Icelandic film Of Horses and Men juxtaposed the stories of a small rural community’s animals as if they were people, and its people sometimes acting like animals … darkly hilarious.

    The documentary The Overnighters, starts with a kind hearted pastor giving refuge to prospecting migrants hoping for work in a midwest fracking boomtown. With uncanny access to the subject, the filmmaker captures it all as the church and community slowly turn on their leader’s idealistic humanity, bringing to light a man of complex and struggling character. Some polarized responses were stirred when the pastor himself showed up for the post-screening q&a session!

    With Return To Homs, a small hand-held camera documents citizen protest in a Syrian city. It follows the transformation of a local 19 year old soccer star with charisma and energy to spare, who becomes a de-facto leader of the resistance when the conflict devolves into civil war. The violence that has continued in Syria for years is brought into sharp focus in this documentary, winning it the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.

    But our favorites ended up being docs that stepped beyond the standard form. Stop The Pounding Heart, Manakamana, 20,000 Days On Earth, Coast of Death, Happiness, and Soul Food Stories all offered striking portraits of people and places, while being told in bold new ways.

    All in all, we met exciting new filmmakers, brushed shoulders with legends, and drank free martinis. Kudos to all the fine folks at the San Francisco Film Society for locking down great free booze sponsors, and for putting on a great event for Bay Area filmmakers and fans to connect and enjoy beautiful new films!

    ~ Bradley & Crew

  • New Work: True Emporium

    May 19, 2014

    A few months ago TRUE Emporium, an interior design & build firm, was looking to approach a video production company to craft a commercial for their custom furniture line: the In A Box series.

    In A Box currently includes a Living Room and Dining Room with Bedroom and Office boxes coming to market in the next year. TRUE products represent a solution for high-quality, masterfully-built furniture for the millennial generation who move regularly.


    After working with the team at TRUE Emporium and realizing their exceptional talent, our team at Sprinkle Lab engaged with TRUE to re-imagine Sprinkle Lab’s Oakland production studio.


    Using found materials, abandoned woods and fibers, the craftsmen at TRUE built out the studio for our multi-purpose needs.


    We could not be more thrilled about their transformation of our studio. The space now better reflects our company values and creative process, allowing us to work better and smarter.

  • Subaru Shoot

    February 11, 2014

    Sprinkle Lab had the pleasure to collaborate with director Ismail Acar and Infected Post to create the 2015 Subaru Legacy World Premiere Movie that was featured this week at the Chicago Car Show. Over a three day shoot, we shot urban landscapes as well as visual effects plates for the new car model to be inserted into — believe it or not, the car was never there.

    The new Legacy features all-wheel drive, LED running lamps, and a beautiful new interior all powered by 2.5-liter four-cylinder and 3.6-liter six-cylinder boxer-style engines. Read more about the Subaru Legacy at AutoBlog.




  • The Humans of Sprinkle Lab

    January 18, 2014

    Revel in the their beauty, the striking and alarming faces of Sprinkle Lab. After an amazing 2013 (we won an Emmy & did great work for brands like IBM, Microsoft, Levis & Subaru) we’re excited to be rowing into a fantastic 2014.

    Oh! By the way, let us introduce you to the two newest Sprinkle Lab additions!

    Matt hails from Modesto, CA. and more! He’s taught English in S. Korea, lived in Colorado and Minnesota (we’re not sure why) and he speaks German, fluently proficiently. He once even went sky diving barefoot, just because. Bumpo’s role is to blow our customers minds with exceptional service and explode their prefrontal cortex by showing off the media we’ve produced (he’s succeeding).

    Bradley’s interests are martial arts, movies and madness. He’s the second most interesting man in the world; he’s backpacked across Europe, lived in Thailand at a kick-boxing camp, produced a feature-film in Argentina and also used to in be in a hardcore band (they played at the Gilman). This gentle-sir wears many hats, from herding kittens (production cast/crew) to providing exceptional service to our clients as the lead point-person for all-things-production. He is fantastic. Oh, he also attended the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

  • On Trend with Rue La La

    January 16, 2014

    Rue La La is an online shopping destination for those interested in an intimate retail experience. This may seem contradictory being that cyber-shopping is anything but personal, however, Rue La La operates according to a members-only system, meaning that only individuals who have registered on the site may access the exclusive sales and collections. The website offers an ever-changing selection of womenswear, menswear, and home decor by introducing brand new ‘boutique selections’ daily.

    Rue La La wanted to create a few short ‘how-to’ videos to be used for their PR and marketing campaign leading up to Black Friday. After production wrapped on the east coast, the footage that was shot made its way across the country to the SF Bay Area – straight to Sprinkle Lab! From here, our post-production team took charge of editorial and got to work creating the videos.

    The goal of these web shorts was to offer insider tricks and tips from the company’s fashion editors while also promoting the website and showing potential customers just how easy it is to bring the trends and styles discussed in the video right to their own personal wardrobe by shopping at Rue La La.

    The videos are fun, flashy, girly, and playful. We wanted them to be both beautiful and informative, as well as attention-grabbing. Hopefully we succeeded! Check them out below.

  • Brandon Tauszik on VICE

    November 15, 2013

    Sprinkle Lab’s co-founder and director, Brandon Tauszik, was featured in an interview with VICE magazine about his haunting and important project, White Wax.

    The project has been featured in a number of photography related publications. We’re excited that this work is being viewed and pleased that people are connecting with the art.

    Learn more about the series:

    Brandon Tauszik: White Wax

    Prisonphotography: Documenting Oakland Gun Violence Without Photographing Any Guns Or Any Violence

    Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 11.49.20 AM