Carianne King Carianne is a writer and director specializing in smart, charmingly offbeat humor. Her work has a stylish, referential tone informed by her years working as a creative in the fashion industry.

Eliza Hooper Eliza's work explores the intersection of comedy and emotion. She blends observational, situational & physical humor to tell stories that entertain and foster human connection.

Michael Miller Michael is out for your laughs. His jovial, energetic personality finds its way into his work which is composed of lighthearted, relatable, and funny live action stories. He strives for loud, bold visuals & sounds that are both attention grabbing and communicative & which showcase craft, polish, and thorough attention to detail.

Adrian Elliot Adrian's magnetic personality and work often finds its focus in what it means to be human. He is a builder of deep connections to nature, social movements, and people. As a filmmaker, he has written and directed narrative, commercial, and editorial that reflect his values.

Liam IsaCool Liam Kaczmar is a multifaceted filmmaker and artist. He uses film to transcend reality by putting his audiences into better worlds through the use of art direction, color, and humor. Just like you, Liam is a vibration in the cosmic rhythm of the Universe and is riding on a wave of perceived reality. 

Chuck Willis Chuck Willis cares about light, beauty, texture, balance, pattern, and movement. His music videos for artists like Sebell, Jaymes Young, LP, & Hayley Williams have millions of views. His approach to film-craft is rooted in aesthetic precision in art direction to create moving images that delight.   

Rob Richert Rob is a not only a director, he is literally a film professor and graduate of Columbia University. We call him Dr. Film. Rob’s work has screened at places like the Palm Springs and Telluride Film Festivals. His study of the moving image informs how he approaches film-craft and story development from the long and diverse lens of cinematic history.

Izzy Acar Starting his career as a Supervising Digital Artist at George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic, Izzy quickly became a director bringing to life his own animations that are hilarious, charming, beautiful, and moving. 

Brandon Tauszik Brandon's work as a filmmaker is informed by his work as a visual artist. His multimedia documentary projects have been praised by Dazed, The Guardian, and Vice. He works comfortably as both a director and editor, often creating hard-hitting and explosive content.